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We're Moving Premises

posted 19 Apr 2014, 05:02 by Lisa's Tennis Coaching
Hi All Tennis Players,

As some of you may be aware the courts where we currently are will be getting bulldozed by the Canning Council & The Department of Housing to build 1500 houses on our current site. This will be happening late June 2014 (end of Term 2 tennis). ALL TENNIS WILL CONTINUE AS NORMAL UNTIL THEN!

There was some talk I would be taking my business (All in Tennis) over to South Perth and work there with the Head Coach @ South Perth, but by doing that I would of had to dissolve my coaching business and work for him. Obviously it is better for me to continue to have my own business and to try to keep it in an area that was still local to try to continue to work with all those whom I have been coaching over the past 8 years!

An opportunity has come up that I feel was too good to pass up!

So as of Term 3 - July 21st 2014, All in Tennis will be based at BELMONT TENNIS CLUB.

Belmont TC is less than 10 minutes from our current location - this will be closer for some people and further away for others. It is surrounded by LEACH HWY, ABERNETHY RD, KEANE ST and ROBINSON AVE. I haven't attached the map as it will make this email too large for some....but let me know if you want me to send you it..... Belmont TC has 6 hardcourts (with lights) and 12 grass courts with a large clubhouse.


I am hoping that most of you will continue to come to the All in Tennis Coaching Team so that we can keep the improvement in your game going and achieve the standard you want to achieve and help you become the be best person & player you can be.

Any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Hope to see you all on the court soon!

Lisa (and Callum, Shaun, Brittany, Geoff, John, James, Marisa, Jessica, Bryce, Alyce)