Great Testimonial

Hi Lisa, My car wouldn’t start due to a flat battery after pennants today. Paxton’s mum and dad (he was my hero today!!), Will’s dad and Coach Klay helped me jump start the battery. Klay had disappeared when I looked around to thank him. Could you please thank him for me? Don’t have his email or number. He drove off in his car to get a new pair of leads when Will’s dad’s wasn’t working. You see this is another reason why I love your club. The parents are just awesome!!! I’m so grateful for all the help I got today if not for which I would have had to wait till the RAC rocked up.
Cheers Imalka (Venuja’s mum)

RESPONSE: Thanks Imalka – we do have a great group of kids & parents (as well as Coach’s).
Always happy to help each other & work together!!